Disclaimer: Menu, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. (GF) = Gluten Free (G-FR) = Gluten FRIENDLY - May have come in contact with foods that contain gluten - ex. fries are cooking in the same fryer that breaded items have been cooked in but the menu item is gluten free.
Fajitas and Mains


Served on a sizzling platter, onions & green peppers, lettuce, fresh pico, cheese & 3 tortilla wraps.
(G-FR) Gluten Friendly..Substitute soft corn tortillas

Served with vegetable and starch

Substitute BOTH sides for small house salad or substitute 1 side and a small house salad - $1.50
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry or seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness ** Menu and Prices are subject to change without notice or at any time at the discretion of The Salted Rim. ***Coupons not valid on Happy Hour, Specials or Carry-out.